2023 6-8th May Coronation Weekend

Bunting outside the church

One of two displays - Prince Charles's two visits to Hebden Bridge. The second inside the church was how Hebden Bridge celebrated past Coronations.

Vicky's flag cake and Diana's Coronation Surprises

2023 Easter

One of Harvey's displays

Easter lilies

2022 Christmas

One of Harvey's displays

2022 Remembrance Sunday

Denise's poppies and Harvey's display

Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

Jubilee Crown flower arrangement
Jubilee Crown cake

 St James’ and Mytholm

    celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee

Thanks to a Jubilee Grant from Hebden Royd Town Council, St James’ was able to put on an exhibition about Mytholm charting the changes in the life of the local community. The children made their own memorial books with the aid of Reverend Karen Marshall, which they could complete over the Queen’s Jubilee Holiday. The church was decorated by the Community Payback Team with bunting and flags. The church created the flower displays. Much of the materials were bought locally and local shop, "Word of Mouth", was a great help.

The celebrations ended with local residents bringing their own picnic with the church providing free refreshments and “Food Share” [food from shops which would normally go to waste at the end of the day.] 

Due to the inclement weather, the picnic was inside the church. With the help of residents who were there at the time of the Coronation, the special jubilee cake in the shape of a 2D Coronation Crown was cut and shared out. The cake was made by the Buttercup Bakery in Pecket Well. It consisted of "ermine" fruit cake, Madeira sponge along and gluten-free and vegan cupcakes with edible jewels and gold dust.

Child's book cover based on the Queen in her pearl necklace.
Jubilee Flower Arrangement in red, white and blue
Carnations, red, white and blue
Platinum Jubilee book covers made by Hebden Royd  school
Platinum Jubilee book covers made by Hebden Royd  school
Platinum Jubilee book covers made by Hebden Royd  school


The  Reredos

A memorial of the centenary

of the Parish Church (1933)

Designed by the late

F. C. Eden R.F.I.B.A.

carved c. 1934 by

Alfonso Noflaner

of Ortisie, Northeren Italy



The Sowden Chapel 

Dedicated in memory of George Sowden

who continued his brother's friendship

with the Bronte family.

 Upper Room Window 

showing three angels

St. James' has a wonderful set of stained  glass windows designed, made and installed during the Pre-Raphaelite period by Heaton, Butler and Bayne, an English firm who produced stained glass windows from 1862-1953.  The windows show strong design and colours and the company became one of the leading firms of Gothic Revival Stained glass manufacturers.  They produced glass for windows of churches in Britain and the USA and for churches throughout what was then the British Empire. Examples of their work can be found in Tewksbury Abbey, Westminster Abbey, St Matthews Cathedral in Laramie, Wyoming, and also in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Quebec, Canada. 

Nearer home, Rochdale Town Hall also has many fine examples.                                                    





Peter Coles


A celebration of

the 175th Anniversary of

St James the Great

Hebden Bridge

on the

5th October 2008



Our 175th Anniversary!