Our 175th Anniversary!






   Upper Room Window

  Sta Depicting three Angels bearing

The stained  Glass windows  were designed, made and installed by Heaton, Butler and Bayne, an English firm who produced stained glass windows from 1862-1953.  The windows show strong design and colours and the company became one of the leading firms of Gothic Revival Stained glass manufacturers.  They produced glass for windows of churches in Britain and the USA and for churches throughout what was then the British Empire. Examples of their work can be found in Tewksbury Abbey, Westminster Abbey, St Matthews Cathedral in Laramie, Wyoming, and also in teh Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Quebec, Canada.






                  The  Reredos

A memorial of the centenary

of the Parish Church

Designed by the late

F. C. Eden R.F.I.B.A.

Figures careved by

Alfonso Noflaner

of Ortisie, Northeren Italy





The Sowden Chapel 

Dedicated in memory of George Sowden

who continued his brothers friendship

with the Bronte family












Peter Coles


A celebration of

the 175th Anniversary of

St James the Great

Hebden Bridge

on the

5th October 2008